About the Fairy Deck

The purpose of the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck: It’s whimsical, fun, thought-producing and Nature-honoring. Have fun chatting with whimsical blue herons, fairies in coats, and talking trees, while receiving inner direction. It’s practical, it’s Nature right here, not airy-fairy. 

The Fairies of Indian Gardens saved me. 

When my life was in disarray and all my parts were broken, I would visit a special place in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, and sit among the Periwinkles and the huge trees for peace.

The trees smelled purple, and Nature gifted me with guidance, acorns, and visits from inchworms. I felt at home. I saw my first elf there climbing a rock in the corner of my eye. And when I was very relaxed the tree spirit faces emerged from their barks. My imagination came alive there and the Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck was born. Each card represents a lesson learned and guidance given with a piece of fairy magic thrown in. The Forest gave me answers and it will for you too. But WARNING, if after playing with the deck you see little lights floating about, and feel giggles and joy, know that’s just the Fairies keeping you company and inviting you to play.

I'm currently working on the Second Edition of the deck with a manual! The Theme will be FOREST with a few new cards thrown in.