About Designing Fairy

My name is Ronni Rose Swanson and I am a Designing Fairy.

I basically do one thing. Designing is taking scattered pieces from different places and putting them together to make one big thing, and that thing has a purpose -- a message or a tool that helps and teaches others. I've done this one thing for over twenty years in different mediums including creating a healing fairy alphabet deck to being one of the pioneers in the field in creating an online school in healing and animal communication. 

I love to teach through fun methods because I believe we learn the best when we engage in play (my Rubber Ducky Theory). My training and experience includes over two decades of teaching art to both college-age adults and elementary children; the creator of my own online international school, Fairy Online School; degrees in Communication Design and Fine Art; and Graduate certification in Education Technology and Design. And of note, I’m a published illustrator of activity books, Cooking Art (Gryphon House), Word Swirls (Element Children’s Books), and my own Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck and book. My writing has appeared in Somerset Studio magazine and on my popular blog, Ronni's Psychic Room. I’ve also written the best-selling  Help! I’m Sensitive, and book 2, Your Turtle Shell. More recently, over on ideaemporiumbook.com I'm creating my Idea Emporium Mall design activity book and its entertaining animated movies

It is believed I am part or mostly fairy (don’t tell). I am partial to tutus and dancing, anything dogs, and I have seen every episode of Project Runway. I live in a treehouse with a talking dog, an angel basset who visits often, my supportive elf husband, and three creative fairy step-children who give me ideas. Welcome to my world.